Monthly Tea Club

Monthly Tea Club

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This a fun club for herb nerds, tea lovers and the herbal curious.

Each month you will receive a limited edition, small batch herbal tea handcrafted and formulated by our clinical herbalist, Melanie Hill. The blend will reflect the seasons, and will be created specifically for its alignment with the times. Looking to the weather, elemental and astrological influences, growing season, and other worldly inspiration, the blends will keep you nourished, keep you curious and fill your cup.

Each month you will receive a 30g bag of tea, with an info card on the ingredients, the inspiration, and herbal insights to the whys of what has been sent to you that month. 
They will always be caffeine-free, herbal teas using organic, ethically harvested ingredients. 

Each bag will come in eco-friendly packaging, and contain approximately 15 cups of tea.

12 bags delivered, in total.

~ Save $2.50 monthly if paid in full at time of sign up, otherwise $15 (plus shipping) charged monthly
~ First tea is in January 2023, but feel free to join at any time