Thght Snctry Woo Woo Cosmic Oil

Thght Snctry Woo Woo Cosmic Oil

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COSMIC oil is infused with celestite and a blend of ethereal plant
essences to help inspire connection with spirit and the cosmos. Cosmic uses essential oils Honeycomb, Black Currant, Blue Lotus, Palo Santo, (among others) and infused with the crystal Celestite to inspire our connection to the cosmos.

QUALITY: high-grade, steam-distilled essential oils. Small batch, 100% natural, and made in Canada. All of our oils are mists are blessed in a palo santo ceremony before you receive them to ensure you receive the most high-vibe product possible.

Place a small amount on your palms and rub together to create heat. Bring your palms in front of your face and inhale deeply for 3+ long breaths. It is also a lovely, all-natural fragrance when you add to your pulse points: wrists, nape of your neck, and behind your ears.

~ we use organic or wildcrafted oils that are harvested ethically
~ we use biodynamic jojoba oil, a practice that embraces working with Mother Nature’s natural healing force and the connection between farmer, soil, plant, animal and the cosmos
~ we use a vibrational process to infuse crystal energetics into our products instead of using a new gemstone for each product as crystals are not a renewable resource
~ we use Miron Biophotonic Violetglass jars that are made in Germany and protect the product from light which increased the lifetime and bioenergy of the product within them

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor prior to use.

Ingredients: simmondsia (jojoba) chinensis oil***, apis (honeycomb) mellifera*, ribes (black currant) nigrum*, leptospermum (manuka) scoparium**, nymphaea (blue lotus) caerulea**, styrax (benzoin) benzoin*, commiphora (myrrh) myrrha*, botswellia (frankincense)
carterii*, bursera (palo santo) graveolens**, celestite. *organic, **wild-crafted, ***biodynamic